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Your next event should be interactive and inspiring.

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Interactive Audiences

I engage my audiences and workshop participants with multiple opportunities for reflection, response, and application of content. 

Researched and Relevant

My content is informed by my linguistic research and decades of experience in teaching and coaching. Attendees will walk away ready to try new or enhanced skills.


Takeaways for All

My talks and training sessions provide information and tools that EVERYONE can use, in any profession or social context.


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~ Audience and Participant Feedback ~


It was a privilege to hear you speak at the Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education’s [annual conference]. Your story was compelling and powerful and you are an extraordinary speaker. 


This was wonderful! Is there a Part 2?


You are a positive light when you speak, and are great and commanding the room. 


Leslie helps awaken and enhance the natural talent in the art of speech. 


You are so poised and intentional with your words, and have a huge impact on the people listening. 


Hello, I'm Dr. Leslie Gordon

 From a young age, I learned that I could use my speech express myself in new and exciting ways. I can’t wait to help you use the skills you already have so that you LOVE to share your gifts with the world.

Everyone has a message to share. Some of us just need a little more help bringing that out in a way that feels confident and still authentic. Once you discover that side of yourself, you are free to be unapologetically you.

My own life experiences and my education shape my coaching practice.  As a linguist, I know the cognitive processes that drive our speaking and the way we feel about our communication. As a speaker of multiple languages, I know what it means to learn new sound systems and to strive to feel at home in new languages and cultures. I can help you make your own impact on the world around you. Whether you’re preparing to speak in new contexts or you want to improve some aspect of your current sound or delivery, we can work on it together.

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