Effective Speaking 

Speech that is real, confident, and engaging?


Throw out the nerves and ditch the inner critic. 

Learn to love the sound of your own voice.


Leslie helps clients enhance their speaking talent with a curriculum that teaches integration of mindset, breath, and speaking skills. It is a process that yields not only better speaking but greater personal fulfillment in the act of speaking. 

Work with Leslie

The world needs to hear from YOU.

You have an important message.  You deserve to feel MASTERFUL in sharing it.

Private coaching can help you know and simplify the purpose of your message, eliminate anxiety or distracting behaviors, and fully utilize body and breath for energy and quality.

This coaching program gives you everything you need to feel effective and confident and make others lean in when you speak.

Private coaching targets the following outcomes:

Finding Authenticity 

  • Identify your assets
  • Claim your purpose

Speaking for Connection

  • Own your WHY
  • Know your WHO

Understanding Confidence

  • Define confidence
  • Embrace process


Utilizing Body & Breath

  • Release your blocks
  • Draw your energy from breath



Enriching your Speech

  • Assemble the toolkit
  • Polish the tools


Work with Leslie

Hello, I'm Dr. Leslie Gordon

 From a young age, I learned that I could use my speech express myself in new and exciting ways. I can’t wait to help you use the skills you already have so that you LOVE to share your gifts with the world.

Everyone has a message to share. Some of us just need a little more help bringing that out in a way that feels confident and still authentic. Once you discover that side of yourself, you are free to be unapologetically you.

My own life experiences and my education shape my coaching practice.  As a linguist, I know the cognitive processes that drive our speaking and the way we feel about our communication. As a speaker of multiple languages, I know what it means to learn new sound systems and to strive to feel at home in new languages and cultures. I can help you make your own impact on the world around you. Whether you’re preparing to speak in new contexts or you want to improve some aspect of your current sound or delivery, we can work on it together.

Kim K.,
Nonprofit Leader


Working with Leslie I have learned not only how to speak better, but how to listen better.  I pay much more attention to the speech around me. I have gained a lot of confidence for telling the stories of our foundation. 

Senior University Administrator


This has been such a positive experience, my goals were met and then some!  Leslie does a great job of providing the right depth and breadth of content so that it was easy to practice and learn.

Franki M.,
U.S. Army,  (Ret.)


Leslie helped me enhance my English pronunciation and even taught me a great deal about my native Spanish language!  She is an expert and she is empathetic with those learning from her.

Leslie offers coaching packages that vary in length and are designed to serve a range of client needs. 

Contact Leslie through this site to book an inquiry call. 

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