Accent Modification 

Your way of speaking is important to you. 


It is a SKILL that you can build.


Work with a coach that helps you CRAFT the accent you want.

Work with Leslie

Your accent is part of your story.  As you move through life you might find that you want more than one sound to tell your story.  

I coach a process of accent building, or accent modification.  The term "accent reduction" does not align with my approach, because I firmly believe that you do not have to remove something when building something new. 

My coaching process begins with a detailed discussion about your goals and your desire to make changes to your speech.  Your goals help me to draft a work plan that we will follow over several sessions.

Speechwork is physical work, not unlike learning other physical skills.  It takes guidance, practice, and time.  I have personal experience with modifying my accent, both in my native English and in my acquired languages.  My experiences give me empathy for my clients, and I will guide your process with care and respect.   I have a doctorate in Applied Linguistics and am a Certified Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, and I bring my knowledge and training to every client session.

Whether you need to modify your speech in your native language or a non-native language, I can help you set your goals and meet them. 

    Accents are about People! 

  • What does your speech communicate about you in the larger social landscape?
  • Coaching gives you both awareness and skills that enable you to make CHOICES about your your speech sounds.¬†

    Accents are Physical!

  • Changes in speech gestures, even small ones, impact your accent.
  • Accent coaching helps you locate and execute the sounds of the accent you desire.

    Accents are Personal!

  • Your speech is unique to you; you don't have to be a copy of someone else!
  • Coaching helps you craft an accent that still feels authentically¬†you.¬†


Work with Leslie

Hello, I'm Dr. Leslie Gordon


From a young age, I learned that I could use my speech express myself in new and exciting ways. I have acquired other languages and accents and earned a doctorate in applied linguistics. I can’t wait to help you use the skills you already have so that you LOVE to share your gifts with the world.

Everyone has a message to share. Some of us just need a little more help bringing that out in a way that feels confident and still authentic. Once you discover that side of yourself, you are free to be unapologetically you.

I can help you make your own impact on the world around you. Whether you’re preparing to speak in new contexts or you want to improve some aspect of your current sound or delivery, we can work on it together.

Coaching packages vary in length, contact Leslie for more information about options and to get started!

"I worked with Leslie to enhance my English accent.¬† She taught me several things in just the first lesson, and we built it from there.¬† Working with her has also helped me notice more about other English speakers, and that helps me, too."¬† ¬†- Dersy (native of Per√ļ)


"I contacted Leslie because I needed a more general accent for my work context, where I interact with both locals and internationals. She helped me build a sound that still felt natural to me." - M.K., Sales representative


"Leslie has a calm and gentle way of coaching."  - Steven, Accent & Dialect Coach

Work with Leslie