Client Testimonials


I contacted Leslie to help me improve my voice for a video blog I was preparing to launch. She was sensitive to my goals and my anxieties! She designed our sessions around what I wanted to achieve for my project. She taught me new things about my voice, things that I can use in many contexts beyond my vlog.

- Mark G., Athens, GA


Leslie has helped me improve my English by showing me some of the key sounds that will make the biggest impact on my speech. She has also taught me some things about English that have changed the way I hear it, and that also helps me as I try to sound more native-like.

- Dersy D.,  Perú


Leslie's true gift is in coaching others to elevate themselves and their purpose through the use of speech and voice.

- Rosaria M., Georgia, Professor and Leadership Mentor


I had a commercial audition that included lines in a language I didn’t speak, and only had 24 hours to prepare.  Leslie coached me – over the phone! – and helped me go into the audition much more relaxed and confident.

 - Ginny J., California, Actor


My son was preparing his audition for Newsies! and needed to prep the correct accent. Leslie prepared materials and samples for him and made them clear enough that I could help him study at home.

- Danielle S., Maryland, Parent and community theater volunteer


Working with Leslie, I have enhanced my English pronunciation and I also have come to learn features of my own native language that I did not know before!  She is an expert in speech sounds, intonation, and voice quality and its connection to the body.  Perhaps most importantly, she is empathic with those learning from her.

- Franki M., GA (Cuba), U.S. Army physician, retired