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Leslie Gordon Speech, Voice, and Accents Coach in Athens, GA

Tune in to Your Authenticity

I help individuals transform their expression through speech, voice, and accent training specialized to their unique needs and gifts.
If you want to represent yourself, your business, or your craft in a way that feels easier and more aligned with who you are, learn the tools that unlock that power.  
By tuning in to your authentic speech, you will increase your confidence in your message and make a deeper connection with others.  
Whether you want to speak with greater confidence or effectiveness, need to modify your accent, or need a dialect coach for a production, I can help you.


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Speaking Effectively

Being a confident speaker is a skill that translates to both professional success and personal satisfaction.  You deserve to feel at ease and effective in smaller venues that are important to you or with larger audiences that desire your expertise. Effective speakers know how to connect with their listeners, and my coaching helps you master that connection, to speak in the contexts that matter to you.

Leslie Gordon 1-1 speech, voice, accents coach

Accent Modification

Your accent is part of your story. There are many reasons that you might want to modify your accent, and when you work with me we will begin with the goals that drive your desire for making changes.  You don't need to LOSE an accent, but you CAN acquire the tools to build a new one that suits your identity and your goals. 

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Accent & Dialect Coaching

If you are an actor or speaker that needs to acquire a specific accent, I can help you access the sounds, postures, and other features that help you embody the accent with accuracy. Learning an accent does NOT have to be stressful; work with an empathetic, skilled coach!  I am a Certified Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, I speak several languages, and I am a lifetime lover of speech and accents! 


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Leslie's primary goal is to help others realize their potential with speech that makes an impact. 
With a doctorate in linguistics, Leslie has taught and coached languages, speech, and accents for over twenty years.  Her own journey as a language learner (fluent in Spanish and Portuguese) and a former unconfident speaker equip her to give the care and encouragement every client deserves.  
In her current practice as a coach of speech, voice and accent, Leslie uses a customized approach that begins with a client's specific goals. Through a process of observation, reflection, and teaching, Leslie equips clients with the skills needed to continue the work beyond the course or coaching session.  

Ways to Work with Me

Coach Leslie Gordon online courses

Online Courses

My interactive, multi-week online courses allow you to work at your own pace but with added support in live sessions with me.  All courses include activities for home practice and reflection each week.

Leslie Gordon 1-1 speech, voice, accents coach

1:1 Coaching

My coaching services are tailored to your goals and needs. Private coaching allows for immediate feedback and more individually-focused practice.

Leslie Gordon group coaching workshops

Speaking & Workshops

If you need a speaker for your event, contact me here.  I speak on the importance of speech in the human experience.  Additionally, if you are developing your team, my interactive, speech-focused workshops are a great way to help team members connect to each other AND to organizational goals.

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