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I enhance client confidence and connectedness through the power of speech, voice and accent.

Our speech connects us with the world and shapes how others perceive us. Speech, voice and accent work together in that process. Yet these skills are often learned indirectly and superficially, and we fail to achieve the impact our message deserves.

My coaching transforms individuals wanting to enhance their expression through speech, voice, and accent training specialized to their unique needs and gifts. My coaching methods begin with the client’s specific goals and are tailored to their unique talents and needs.




Leslie Gordon online course - Confident Communicators
Speaking with Impact!


Quickly learn the tools for effective and enjoyable speaking so that you can connect authentically and more confidently with anyone, anywhere, any time. 

 This online course teaches the key skills for confidence in any speaking context. We will explore the "why" of any communication, the body, voice and speech factors that act together, and the speaker-listener relationship.  At the end of this course you will have a deeper knowledge of the resources that you already possess and will be able to communicate with greater intention and affect in any situation. This is a very interactive course, come prepared to experiment, learn about human nature, and have fun!

This 5-module course is FULLY ONLINE and only available twice annually. Click below to register!

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Leslie Gordon online course - Confident English for Nonnative Speakers
Confident Speaking for Nonnative English Speakers
If you speak English as a second language, you are AMAZING! Learning - and being confident - in a second language is act of courage and discipline. Yet you may lack full confidence due to the accent of your native language. 

In this course I will teach you strategies that will instantly improve your English accent skills. I will also share some perspectives from my own language learning experiences that will improve your confidence!

This 8-week course is offered twice annually. Click below to register or contact me with questions.


Leslie Gordon online course - Voice Training for Speakers and Coaches
Voice Training for Speakers
& Coaches
Be heard and be healthy! If you are in a profession that requires frequent speaking and perhaps elevated volume, you will be interested in ways that you can protect vocal health while at the same time improving the delivery. This course covers the physical, emotional, and perceptual factors that contribute to speaking success in a variety of settings.

This 4-week course is offered once annually. Click below to register or contact me with questions.






Leslie Gordon 1-on-1 coaching
Put my expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to work for you in sessions tailored to your goals.

Private coaching sessions allow for the maximum interaction between client and coach and an approach that is completely customizable. I look forward to bringing my knowledge, experience and excitement to the work of helping you meet and exceed your personal goals.


When working with me, you can expect:

  • I will tailor the work to goals that YOU set

  • I will be sensitive to any anxieties you may have and will craft a comfortable and safe work space

  • I will come prepared and encourage you to do the same

  • I will give you materials for additional reflection or practice

  • I will teach you to observe your own behaviors and work on them independently

  • I will enjoy our sessions and make them fun for you as well
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1-on-1 Coaching FAQs


Speaking & Workshops                     

Do you need a speaker for your event?

I speak on the importance of speech to the individual and the relational human experience. 

"It was a privilege to hear you speak at GAWHE. Your story was compelling and powerful and you are an extraordinary speaker."  - Conference attendee, Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education.

Leslie Gordon coaching a group workshop
 Do you want to craft an interactive experience for your team?

My workshops are goal-driven experiences that focus on speech, voice and language as keys to understanding ourselves and our colleagues. Let’s talk about crafting a workshop that suits your needs.

"Dr. Gordon is...engaging, collaborative, innovative, and willing to help others." - Faculty member, University of Georgia College of Engineering

When working with me, you can expect:

  • I will begin by asking questions to learn more about your team or attendee experience

  • I will create an interactive experience for partial or full-day(s)
  • I will utilize multiple modalities that engage different types of learning

  • I will design engaging and fun sessions that encourage participants to think about practical application of concepts
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